Fishlake Forest

In this second part of our three-part blog series, we’ve highlighted Utah's Fishlake National Forest, located less than an hour from the Lodge at Red River Ranch. It contains over 1.4 million acres of deciduous and coniferous trees, thousands of acres of prime waterfront and miles of hiking, horseback riding, and ATV trails.

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Grand Staircase Revisited

Utah has five national parks, and we love them all. But Utah also contains seven national monuments and six national forest areas. While we at the Lodge think these areas are just as worthy of your time as the national parks, many people don’t get the chance to visit them. In this three-part blog series, [...]

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Monument Valley and Beyond

One of the most iconic regions of Southern Utah is Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. Monument Valley is, without question, a great place to drive through, but people seldom take the time to explore the fascinating locations nearby. This is unfortunate. We, at the Lodge at Red River Ranch, want you to make a few [...]

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Rock Hounding Southern Utah

Actively searching for, and hopefully finding, precious and semi-precious gemstones is known as rock hounding. You can go rock hounding on any public land. In addition to gemstones, you can also extract reasonable amounts of invertebrate fossils and petrified wood. In many ways, rock hounding is like prospecting except that you are not allowed to [...]

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The Wildlife of Southern Utah

There is a vast amount of wildlife to be found in Southern Utah. With its mix of wind-swept deserts and high plateaus, this region supports some of the most fascinating and reclusive, animals in the country. Any vacation to Southern Utah can be enhanced by an introductory knowledge of the wildlife you might see. We, [...]

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Play on The Lake

We at the Lodge refer to it simply as “The Lake.” It is the go-to quick vacation spot for locals and visitors. It is a great place to catch some rays, do a little waterskiing, hike the surrounding countryside, and have an all-around awesome time. We are, of course, referring to Lake Powell. Here are [...]

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Photographing the Wonder

Some of the best nature photography in the world comes from Southern Utah. Zion, Capitol Reef, and Bryce Canyon National Parks are prime locations for professional and amateur photographers alike. We, at the Lodge at Red River Ranch, are supporters of both art and adventure. A photography trip to Southern Utah combines these to create [...]

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Vacation Planning

Spring is officially here. And we at the Lodge at Red River Ranch have spring fever! We are already making our summer vacation plans. If you want to create a great vacation experience, think about seeing the best of Southern Utah. As resident experts, we have some suggestions for you. […]

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Spring Break In Southern Utah

Spring has arrived in Southern Utah. As much as we love the other seasons, we at the Lodge at Red River Ranch especially love springtime. The weather is pleasant and hiking possibilities are almost unlimited. The birds are returning and the desert flowers are about to bloom. And of course, schools across the nation are [...]

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