Better Living Through Bad Cinema – BIFF

The month the acclaimed Bicknell International Film Festival will celebrate another year of the World’s worst cinema. For years the little community movie theatre in Bicknell runs a series of some of the best “B” movies of all time. These “best of the worst” are all picked for the yearly central theme. This year, conveniently timed with the predictions of the Mayan Calendar, the theme is “Doomsday 2012.” The Bicknell International Film Festival (affectionately called BIFF) is a truly an awesome experience you should not miss.

In addition to the screenings of bad cinema, several other events are planned throughout the community. A schedule of this year’s BIFF activities is as follows:

Friday the 20th of July:

5:30 – Parade Lineup at Red Cliff Restaurant

6:00 – World’s Fastest Parade

6:30 – Screening of the film “Panic in the Year Zero,” a film about a family of four that go on a camping trip in California just as an atomic bomb levels Los Angeles.

9:00 – Party at the Rim Rock Patio with music provided by the “Sister Wives.”

Saturday the 21st of July:

12:00 – Bicknell Park Survivor’s Lunch

12:30 – Bicknell Park Doomer’s Challenge. Compete for prizes in four survival categories.

2:00 – Screening of the film “Crack in the World,” a film in which a geologist inadvertently creates a crack in the Earth’s crust.

6:30 – Screening of the film “ When World’s Collide,” a story about a star that is on a collision course with Earth.

9:00 – Party at Robber’s Roost with music provided by the “Revelators”

The Bicknell International Film Festival is a raucous event filled with plenty of laughter. If you like to celebrate atrocious cinema, this is definitely the place to be this weekend. Visit the BIFF website for tickets.

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