Stargazing Event

Southern Utah is famous for many things – most notably for its landscape. However, one feature that is sometimes overlooked in Southern Utah is the quality of the night sky. Due to the high elevation, the lack of light pollution, and a smog free environment, Southern Utah is one of the best stargazing places in [...]

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Goblin Valley

Goblin Valley State Park is one of Utah’s best desert playgrounds. It is a perfect place to explore all year long. Goblin Valley offers scenery and recreation for the whole family. The Lodge at Red River Ranch wants to invite you to check out this amazing state park. […]

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Arches National Park

We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch love our national parks. Since Arches National Park has come to represent all of Utah, we thought we’d do a write up of the best things to do and see in Arches. Hopefully, this will make you want to check out the park. […]

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A Quick Look at Cove Fort

Cove Fort provides a glimpse into the lives of early pioneers; it preserves the history of the time period. As the early Mormon settlers moved into the Salt Lake valley, the then president of their church, Brigham Young, encouraged the colonization of the surrounding regions. Thus, Mormon pioneers founded most of the towns and cities [...]

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Hunting Season ’12

Fall means cooler weather, beautiful colors, and, of course, the start of hunting season. Since our backyard offers some of the best hunting opportunities in the state, we at the Lodge at Red River Ranch thought we’d do a brief write-up on the coming hunting season. […]

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Grand Circle Tour

The Utah Grand Circle tour is a legendary tour of all five national parks in the state. It is the perfect road trip at any time of year, but we at the Lodge at Red River Ranch especially recommend driving it during the fall. Autumn is a much cooler time in the national parks, and [...]

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Public Lands Day

Every so often, the national parks and monuments of Utah waive their entry fees. And one of those times is right around the corner – September 29th. We, at the Lodge at Red River Ranch, are always excited to visit Utah’s public lands, and this time we want you to get outside too. We have [...]

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Color Hunting, Fall 2012

September marks the beginning of autumn. In the high-elevation parts of Southern Utah the leaves have already begun to change color. If you’re anything like us, at the Lodge at Red River Ranch, you love to get outdoors and admire the spectacular fall colors. These are the three best places (in our opinion, of course) [...]

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