Spring is in the Air

Spring is almost here! And we at the Lodge at Red River Ranch are just as excited as you are about it. For us, one of the best parts of spring is the chance to get outside. In Southern Utah the weather is mild, and the sun is staying in the sky longer ever day. [...]

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After Zion

Zion National Park is the reason that many people come to Southern Utah. After spending a couple of days in that remarkable park, some people begin to wonder what’s next. What other amazing adventures can you have in Southern Utah? We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch have a few suggestions that might help [...]

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The Best Scenic Route

Southern Utah has some of the greatest scenic highways in the nation. We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch love driving the back roads in search of something new. There are many scenic routes in and around our national parks, and each one offers amazing views. If you can, try to work scenic routes [...]

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Hiking the Cliffs of Velvet Ridge

The dramatic cliffs of Velvet Ridge frame the Lodge Red River Ranch. These cliffs extend for miles in both directions from the Lodge. As the sunlight moves across the face of Velvet Ridge, shadows appear and retreat, creating an ever-changing landscape. And while the sight is impressive from the ground, we think it looks better [...]

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Climbing in the Parks

Rock climbing is an increasingly popular sport, especially here in Southern Utah. The rock walls of Southern Utah are fun, challenging, and scenic. In fact, there are so good that we attract climbers from all over the world. We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch have some advise for rock climbers coming to find [...]

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The Artist in Capitol Reef

If art is your thing, we at the Lodge at Red River Ranch have a suggestion for you. Take a photo or painting tour of Capitol Reef National Park. The park is a spectacular collection of sandstone folded and shaped by nature. The combination of subject and light makes this area a haven for artists. [...]

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