Starfest 2014

It’s September again, and that means there is plenty happening in Capitol Reef country. The aspens are changing colors, the apples are ready to be picked, and, of course, the Heritage Starfest will take place. Every autumn, the Heritage Starfest Group comes to Capitol Reef National Park to provide a unique opportunity to view the [...]

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Travel Tips for July & August

We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch try to keep you up to date on what is happening here in Southern Utah, specifically Capitol Reef. That way, if you are planning a trip, you can through in an activity here and there. So, if you’re interested in what’s happening, here are a few things [...]

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Torrey Apple Days 2014

It’s mid-summer and things are happening here in Southern Utah! This friday is, of course, the 4th of July. And If you’re anything like us, you celebrate Independence Day by taking a mini-vacation. And if, on said mini-vacation, you find yourself in our neck of the woods (metaphorically speaking, because, you know, we live in [...]

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Filming Locations of The Lone Ranger

This summer, Disney released its big budget blockbuster, The Lone Ranger. The film is, of course, a remake of the 1960s television series – which was actually based on an earlier radio show. The plot revolves around a Texas Ranger and his American Indian sidekick, Tonto, as they fight crime in the Old West. To [...]

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Tour of Utah 2013

The Lodge at Red River Ranch is pleased to welcome the 2013 Tour of Utah to Torrey, Utah on August 7th. We are thrilled to be able to participate in the excitement of this amazing bike race, and to have fun at pre-stage events in Torrey. We hope that you will join us and keep [...]

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Women’s Redrock Music Festival

Since 2007, Torrey, Utah has hosted the annual Women’s Redrock Music Festival. This festival encourages and supports independent women artists in their music careers. The two-day festival brings together some of the best musicians in the country. You can watch the performances, support the artists, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Capitol Reef. [...]

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BIFF: The Musical

This weekend Wayne County has the distinct honor of hosting another annual BIFF. BIFF (the Bicknell International Film Festival) is a celebration of a particular type of cinema – the B kind. Every year people come from all over the country to enjoy this weekend of movies. We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch [...]

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Boulder Heritage

The Boulder Mountain community has been holding a Boulder heritage celebration for several years. This event recognizes the people that have lived in the beautiful area of Boulder, Utah. This July 12th and 13th marks the ninth annual celebration. If you’re down here around that time, consider taking the chance to add some variety to [...]

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Torrey Apple Days

Every year the scenic town of Torrey, Utah puts on it’s Independence Day celebration. Known as Torrey Apple Days, this party is the perfect expression of small-town America. This year the event kicks off on the Saturday following the 4th. (So July 6th.) We at the Lodge encourage you to come to town and check [...]

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