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Painting Capitol Reef

Painting Capitol Reef

Posted in: Nature, Outdoor adventures on March 29, 2011.

If art is the expression of the soul then Southern Utah is the ideal place to come and express yourself. The combination of subject and light makes this area a haven for artists. For those wishing to convey the canyon and desert landscape to canvas, there are endless opportunities in this unspoiled area. There are both organized art excursions, as well as the chance for solitude. A village completely dedicated to the arts was founded in Ivins, Utah to provide a venue for sale and instruction.

Many professional and amateur painters, using almost all mediums, are drawn to Capitol Reef National Park and the surrounding country. The clash of mountain with sky inspires hundreds of works of art every year, in all seasons. Many artists relish the fact that the lighting can be soft and diffused on part of the landscape, but still sharp and focused in other areas. “It makes my work interesting, more exciting, and [the differences in lighting] definitely pushes me to achieve,” remarked one former resident painter.

The most inviting aspect of painting in Capitol Reef is the stunning array of cliffs and ravines. Carved by wind and water eons ago, these desert sandstone formations are the ideal subject for landscape painters. Desert foliage and vegetation support wildlife for those who enjoy animal sketching. There is such an incredible variation in the amount of wilderness scenes that artists return year after year.

For those who wish to paint the fluid movement of the canyon river, or who enjoy the challenge of capturing a flaming sunset, consider spending a few days in Capitol Reef National Park. The remarkable fact about the desert is that it is always changing, always begging to be seen in a new light. Painters have a chance to learn by studying nature’s canvas, and have the opportunity to bring home a masterpiece.

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