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Highway Biking in Southern Utah

Highway Biking in Southern Utah

Posted in: Outdoor adventures on May 11, 2011.

Highway bicycling is a well-recognized hobby. Whether you enjoy competitive racing, or simply relish the exercise and fresh air, the sport has something to offer everyone. One important aspect of any bicycling trip is the view. And Southern Utah offers spectacular vistas.

There are a handful of annual bicycle races that occur nearby. In our own backyard, the Capitol Reef Classic is held every summer. This event has courses for all skill levels, with routes ranging from 8 to 81-miles. It is the perfect way to get a taste of Capitol Reef National Park and the neighboring countryside. Many similar races occur further south in the Saint George and Zion National Park area.

Of course, you don’t have to participate in organized biking events to have a great time. There are endless combinations of routes a bicyclist could enjoy in the Capitol Reef area. You could explore the less popular areas of the park, such as the Temple of the Sun and Moon in the north, or Waterpocket Fold to the south. Outside the park are bike trails that run through the mountains covered with pine and aspen forests. For those looking for a long trip, biking to Bryce Canyon via Escalante-Grand Staircase is a spectacular journey. In fact, anywhere you go in this region you’re guaranteed to enjoy the experience.

Just remember before you start, plan your journey and make a basic time schedule for your ride. Always ride with a friend and be sure to tell someone where you are going. The days can become extremely hot, especially in the summer, so bring plenty of water. Outdoor riding takes a little preparation, but the rewards are evident. Be ready to have fun!

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