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Lake Powell

Lake Powell

Posted in: Outdoor adventures on May 31, 2011.

Lake Powell is the second largest reservoir in America, stretching 186 miles and providing year-round adventure. It is also the main attraction of Glen Canyon National Recreational Area. The beautiful Navajo Mountains and the windswept landscape of the park mesh with the water to form a spectacular water playground. The best part is the lake is within a couple of hours from the Lodge.

The proximity of Lake Powell to residents of Utah, Arizona, and Colorado make it a perfect closer-to-home vacation spot, or a weekend trip destination. Boating and water skiing are popular on the lake, but make sure you try these other activities.

Visit Rainbow Bridge- This is one of the world’s tallest natural arches. The area is accessible by boat and then a short hike on foot making it somewhat remote. But it is worth the effort to see Rainbow Bridge in real life.

Houseboating- Rent a houseboat for a couple of days, and camp out on the lake. Lake Powell is full of gorges and coves, which means you can find a secluded spot to relax, cook dinner, and watch the stars.

Personal Watercraft- Few things compare to racing your friends across the lake on personal watercraft (PWC). Lake Powell also has an extensive network of winding canyons that are perfect for small watercraft. Try playing hide and seek with a couple of PWCs and two-way radios.

Cliff Jumping- Cliff jumping is for adrenaline addicts that can’t get their fix any other way. And Lake Powell has the best sites for cliff jumping imaginable. If you’re interested in this sport, try jumping from some of the lower cliffs. Who knows, you might get hooked on the excitement of free fall.

These are just a few thoughts on the many activities to try in Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon Recreational Area. Try variations on these ideas, or ask us for more tips at the front desk. Enjoy the sun and water.

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