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Visiting Indian Ruins

Visiting Indian Ruins

Posted in: Education, Historical places, Outdoor adventures, Travel on September 12, 2011.

Native American’s have left a lasting impact on Southern Utah. If you like history, you will enjoy visiting the ruins that various tribes have left behind. You can learn a lot. Here is the Lodge at Red River Ranch’s list of the best American Indian ruins to visit in the state.

Anasazi Village State Park– An entire museum has been built around this archeological site. This area marks a settlement that was abandoned for unknown reasons. You can view hundreds of years of pottery, as well as an active artifact restoration facility. Anasazi Village is located in the little mountain town of Boulder, Utah. Boulder is about a forty-minute trip from Capitol Reef National Park. The drive up the mountain is incredible. The museum charges a nominal entrance fee.

Fremont Indian State Park– This is a virtually unknown State Park that many people drive right past. The park houses a museum of Indian artifacts, and the ruins and archeological markers of a large village. Fremont Indian State Park has camping facilities and hiking trails that lead to various tribal rock art panels. Be sure to check out the “Cave of a Hundred Hands.” The park is located on Interstate 70, near Richfield, Utah. A small park entrance fee is charged.

Natural Bridges National Monument– In addition to protecting some of the largest spanning natural bridges in the world, this monument also has an impressive amount of Indian ruins. The style of these Indian dwellings calls to mind the villages of Mesa Verde National Park. Talk to the rangers about seeing the cliff dwellings up close. Natural Bridges has a small Indian museum in the visitor’s center. Expect to pay a park entrance fee.

There are many evidences of Native American culture scattered across Southern Utah. You may want to visit many sites, or maybe you just want to make a quick stop at one museum. Talk to us at The Lodge at Red River Ranch for more information about Indian historical sites.

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