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Get Out and See Canyon Country

Get Out and See Canyon Country

Posted in: Outdoor adventures, Travel on September 15, 2011.

Canyon Country is a little experienced region of South-Central Utah. The area contains some fantastic examples of canyon geology, such as the San Rafeal Swell. It also includes Goblin Valley State Park. Canyon Country is a must-see for those who want to get off the beaten track of a typical national park vacation. We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch think it’s worth taking a look at. Check out these spectacular sights in Canyon Country, Utah.

Nine Mile Canyon– this is quite possibly the longest art gallery in existence. It is actually classified as an outdoor museum. The canyon stretches over 40 miles into pristine wilderness. (Don’t ask why it’s named Nine Mile, nobody seems to know.) It contains hundreds of years of wall paintings and dwellings made by tribes of the American Indians. The area is out of the wall, but well worth the effort to get to. There are no services at Nine Mile Canyon, so bring plenty of food and water.

Huntington and Eccles Canyon Scenic “Energy Loop”– this scenic route connects the towns of Huntington and Fairview. It is a perfect example of mixed alpine scenery and forestry. The route is about 48 miles, and takes just over an hour. If you’re going that way, try to work in this amazing scenic route. It is especially fun during the autumn, when the aspen trees are changing color.

Goblin Valley State Park– anybody near Goblin Valley should stop by and play. The valley is dominated by hoodoos- strange rock formations carved by erosion. These are similar to the ones found in Bryce Canyon National Park. Get in the valley, have a picnic, run around, and climb on the rocks. Goblin Valley is one of the Lodge’s favorite places.

Obviously we couldn’t mention everything there is to do in Canyon Country. We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch love this amazing part of Utah. Let us know how we can help you experience it for yourself.

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