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Calf Creek Recreational Area

Calf Creek Recreational Area

Posted in: Historical places, Nature, Outdoor adventures on November 29, 2011.

Winter may be coming, but there is still plenty of time to get in some fall hiking. One of the Lodge’s favorites is Calf Creek Falls. This hike is the main draw in the Calf Creek Recreational area on Highway 12 near Escalante. Loved by hikers everywhere, Calf Creek is a trail not to be missed.

The hike to Lower Calf Creek Falls winds through nearly three miles of beautiful Escalante crayon land. The terrain is mostly level, and the path is framed on both sides by rising sandstone walls. Moderately difficult, the trek to the two tiered eighty-eight foot waterfall is worth every step. Adventurous hikers may continue the additional mile to Upper Calf Creek Falls, where the path becomes more strenuous.

In addition to the impressive scenery, the Calf Creek area boasts a fascinating history. On the east rim of the canyon, you’ll see what is believed to be an ancient grain silo created by the Anasazi or Fremont Native American tribes. This structure has lasted over a thousand years, and provides archeological clues to these cultures’ pasts. Hundreds of years later, ranchers in this same site used the box canyon to house their calves. The name stuck, and we still call it “Calf Creek” today.

For those who want to spend more than one day exploring, they can stay a night at the Calf Creek Recreational Area campsite. Space is limited, so check in early. At present, the campsite charges an nominal fee of five dollars.

We hope you take time to check out Calf Creek this fall. If you have questions or need advice, talk to us at the Lodge at Red River Ranch.

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