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Hell’s Backbone

Hell’s Backbone

Posted in: Outdoor adventures on November 29, 2011.

In this blog we’ve raved about Utah Highway 12 again and again. Cutting through Escalante- Grand Staircase National Monument, Highway 12 is one of the best scenic routes you will ever encounter. However, there is another road that connects the towns of Boulder and Escalante. It is known as Hell’s Backbone.

Hell’s backbone is a narrow, gravel road that winds through the Grand Staircase and part of the Waterpocket Fold. It stretches 38-miles, includes an awesome bridge over a 1,500 foot drop, and provides the traveler with new, incredible views. We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch recommend Hell’s Backbone to everyone with a sense of adventure.

Hell’s Backbone road provides access to the Box-Death Wilderness Area. If you have the time, we recommend the nine-mile hike up the box canyon. There are also many undesignated trails that the backcountry enthusiast can enjoy. Even if you don’t choose to stop and hike, you can still enjoy the panorama of Box-Death Wilderness Area. These are sights few ever see.

A word of caution: Hell’s Backbone road becomes difficult to travel in the winter. The road can also be impassable during heavy rain. But, on most days, in most conditions, any passenger car can handle Hell’s Backbone. Just check the weather forecast before you go.

If you’ll looking for a different route from Capitol Reef, and a change in scenery, take Hell’s Backbone road. We think you’ll have a pretty good time. Talk to us at the Lodge for additional information or advice.

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