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Fremont Indian State Park

Fremont Indian State Park

Posted in: Education, Historical places, Travel on January 31, 2012.

One of the most interesting State Parks, in our opinion, is located just outside of Richfield, Utah. It’s the Fremont Indian State Park. This is also one of the least visited State Parks, which is unfortunate. Next time you’re driving on Interstate-70, consider stopping by. Here is some information on the park.

Attractions – this park focuses on the history of the ancient inhabitants of Utah. The park houses many artifacts of the Fremont and other American Indian Tribes. Pottery, clothing, arrowheads and other implements are housed in an enclosed museum exhibit. There are also re-created outdoor exhibits, including dwelling remains that can be explored. However, the most impressive part of this park is the rock art. There are miles of ancient rock art in the surrounding countryside. One of the canyons is actually considered an entire outdoor museum. This makes for exceptionally fun day hiking.

Camping and Cost – Fremont Indian State Park charges a nominal fee of three dollars per person/six dollars per vehicle to enter the park. Camping sites are available, but facilities are basic. There are no RV hookups as of this publication. Still the campsite is a nice, secluded site about 5 minutes from the visitor center. The cost is 13 dollars per day.

While this park is no Mesa Verda, it’s still a good educational experience. If you are a fan of Indian culture and history, don’t miss this state park. And even if you’re not, you should take the chance to see such extensive rock art. We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch encourage everyone to check out the Fremont Indian State Park.

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