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Play on The Lake

Play on The Lake

Posted in: Nature, Outdoor adventures on March 27, 2012.

We at the Lodge refer to it simply as “The Lake.” It is the go-to quick vacation spot for locals and visitors. It is a great place to catch some rays, do a little waterskiing, hike the surrounding countryside, and have an all-around awesome time. We are, of course, referring to Lake Powell. Here are a couple of ideas to get you excited to visit “The Lake”, as if you needed any more.

Whether you have your own, or plan to rent a boat, a trip to Lake Powell will be exponentially more fun with a one. The type of boat you should bring, or rent, depends on the kind of boating you have in mind. We recommend a couple of personal watercraft along with a larger “mother ship.” Don’t forget the wakeboarding and waterskiing equipment.

If you couldn’t tell we at the Lodge at Red River Ranch are big hiking fans. The Lake Powell area has some great hiking opportunities. It can be fun to see just how big Lake Powell really is by hiking to various overlooks. We really like Rainbow Arch. You can only reach the arch by boat or foot, so it’s pretty isolated. But we, at the Lodge, think it’s worth the effort to get there. Rainbow Arch is the largest free standing arch in the world.

Barbecuing with family and friends is one of the simplest pleasures we know of. Take the time to have a feast, start a great big campfire, then watch the stars come out. Trust us, it doesn’t get any better.

Go play on “The Lake,” you’ll thank us.

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