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Vacation Planning

Vacation Planning

Posted in: Outdoor adventures, Travel on March 27, 2012.

Spring is officially here. And we at the Lodge at Red River Ranch have spring fever! We are already making our summer vacation plans. If you want to create a great vacation experience, think about seeing the best of Southern Utah. As resident experts, we have some suggestions for you.

National Parks Tour – Also known as the Grand Circle Loop, visiting Utah’s five national parks is a fun, fairly inexpensive way to get a taste of the natural beauty Utah has to offer. In addition to Zion, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, Arches, and Canyonlands National Parks, you will also get to experience scenic highways and national monuments. You can even stop by Lake Powel for a little boating. Click this link to check out our Grand Circle trip ideas.

Backcountry Exploration – How about getting lost for a weekend? (Not literally, of course.) Southern Utah is full of out of the way places for the road-less-traveled-by enthusiast. The Waterpocket Fold, Grand Staircase National Monument, and the San Rafeal Swell are all great places to explore near the Lodge at Red River Ranch. Just be safety savvy if you go into the backcountry. Remember to tell someone your travel plans. If you prefer, we can also refer you to local guides.

Horseback Riding – We live in some of the best horseback riding country in the nation. The desert scenery is perfect for an equestrian trip. Horse trials can be found in every part of the county, on Boulder Mountain, near Fishlake, in Capitol Reef and everywhere in between. If you don’t have your own animals, stop by our front desk for information on guides and horse rentals.

There is an incredible amount to do in Southern Utah, and it’s all waiting for you. We hope you’ll include some of it in your vacation plans this year.

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