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The Wildlife of Southern Utah

The Wildlife of Southern Utah

Posted in: Nature, Travel, Wildlife on March 28, 2012.

There is a vast amount of wildlife to be found in Southern Utah. With its mix of wind-swept deserts and high plateaus, this region supports some of the most fascinating and reclusive, animals in the country. Any vacation to Southern Utah can be enhanced by an introductory knowledge of the wildlife you might see. We, at the Lodge at Red River Ranch, put together a checklist of animals common to Southern Utah – see if you can spot some of them.

Large Mammals – These are the easiest to see and identify, in fact, we’d be surprised if you didn’t run into at least one of these animals. Try heading to the picnic areas of Capitol Reef for a close up view of elk and several varieties of deer. Remember to keep at a safe distance and don’t try to feed them. Look for these species:
• American Bison (you might call them buffalo)
• Mule Deer
• Antelope
• Elk

Small Mammals – We’ve found these are a favorite with kids. After all, small animals look so cute. Watch for them near the roads, bodies of water, and the abundant alfalfa fields. Look for these species:
• Jack Rabbits
• Cottontail Rabbits
• Prairie Dogs
• Muskrats

Birds – Southern Utah is a haven for both birds of prey and songbirds. Although birds are harder to identify than mammals, they are often more fun to spot. If you are passionate about bird watching, check out this post. See if you can find these species:
• Bald Eagles
• Peregrine Falcon
• Harris Hawk
• Golden Eagles
• Western Meadowlark
• Blue Jay
• Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Reptiles – The desert is the natural home of many reptiles. If you go hiking in the summer, you will most likely see lizards basking in the sun. The desert tortoise is also native to many parts of Southern Utah.

Have fun looking for the abundant wildlife native to Southern Utah.

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