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We Love Capitol Reef

We Love Capitol Reef

Posted in: Historical places, Nature, Outdoor adventures, Travel on May 31, 2012.

We, at the Red River Lodge, love Capitol Reef National Park. It is, in our opinion, the best national park in Utah. It offers all of the wonder of the larger parks, with the added benefits of solitude. We want to invite you to visit this unique and spectacular collection of natural beauty.

Capitol Reef National Park is a protected section of a portion of the Colorado Plataea known as the Waterpocket Fold. Capitol Reef was formed over millennia by upward pressure in the earth and carved by the relentless forces of wind and water erosion. The result is the park that we, at the Lodge, enjoy so much

Any trip to Capitol Reef should include these three components:

First, you have to take the scenic drive. The drive is located about a mile past the Capitol Reef Visitor Center. The road takes you deeper into the heart of the park. Several of the park’s best hiking trails are accessible only via the scenic drive. We recommend that you hike Cassidy Arch or Grand Wash. The Capitol Reef Scenic Road is a toll road.

Second, explore the main features of the park. Check out historic Fruita and homestead-turned-gift-shop, the Gifford House. Hike one of the prominent hikes, like Hickman Bridge, or Capitol Dome. Look at the ancient petroglyphs left behind by Native American tribes.

Third, get off the beaten track. Take a detour to the parts of Capitol Reef that are rarely visited. We at the Lodge suggest heading to Cathedral Valley or the portion of the park known as the Waterpocket Fold proper. Both regions are worth the extra time; the scenery won’t disappoint.

We at the Lodge want you to come enjoy Southern Utah’s crown jewel: Capitol Reef National Park.

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