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Boulder and Such

Boulder and Such

Posted in: Education, Historical places, Outdoor adventures, Travel on July 13, 2012.

Boulder, Utah is a little alpine town perfectly situated between the mountain high-country and the Grand Staircase National Monument. Boulder is a scenic destination that boasts an impressive museum and a host of specialty shops. This July, Boulder is holding its eight annual Heritage Festival. We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch think the short drive to Boulder this summer is worth the trip.

This July from the twelfth to the fourteenth, Boulder’s community will gather to celebrate history, time honored values, and good ol’ fashioned fun. Speakers will give an insight into the founding of Boulder, tell secrets of the surrounding countryside, and even provide cooking demonstrations. Live music will play at the main stage from morning to night. A photography exhibition from local artists will take place on Thursday. Dutch oven cooking will be served on Saturday. The Boulder Heritage Festival is a great way to have some great family fun. To find out more check out this brochure.

Many people know Boulder as the gateway town of both the Burr Trail and the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. If you have the time this summer, consider driving the Burr Trail. The trail will take you into Capitol Reef National Park, or if you turn south, you can connect to Lake Powell. You can also explore the Grand Staircase. We at the Lodge recommend hiking and playing in the Calf Creek Recreational Area.

Of course Boulder is worth visiting in its own rite. If you don’t catch this year’s Heritage Festival, at be sure to visit the Boulder Anasazi Museum. The museum has a brilliant display of ancient pottery, a great gift shop, and life size replicas of Anasazi housing structures.

All in all, we at Lodge at Red River Ranch think you will have a good time in Boulder, Utah.

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