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Day of the Condor

Day of the Condor

Posted in: Education, Nature, Travel, Wildlife on July 13, 2012.

This July, on the fourteenth, the Division of Wildlife Resources will again host its Day of the Condor event. Every year the DWR sets up camp in a location in Southern Utah and invites the public to come view the rare Californian condor. This year, the “Day of the Condor” event will take place from eight until noon on Kolob Reservoir Road. Kolob Reservoir is located about 21 miles north of the town of Virgin.

Biologists and representatives from the national park will be onsite at the Day of the Condor event to answer questions and provide interesting educational insights. Viewers at the will have a chance to see a wild, free-flying condor in its natural habitat.

The Day of the Condor event attempts to raise awareness and aid for the endangered Californian condor. This is the largest bird native to North America, with a wingspan of six feet. Habitat destruction has reduced the condor population to a mere 400 birds. The Californian condor, however, is making a recovery and more and more birds have been sited in Utah.

According to a DWR spokesperson, the population of Californian condors in Southern Utah at any given time is approximately 60 birds. Since the world’s population of condors is only 414 (and about half are in captivity,) that means that about a quarter of these rare birds live in Southern Utah.

We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch want to encourage you to see these magnificent birds and support their recovery. If you would like more information about the Day of the Condor event, including detailed driving directions, call the DWR Southern Regional Office at 435-865-6100.

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