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Wayne County Fair

Wayne County Fair

Posted in: Entertainment, Travel on August 8, 2012.

Every year the residents of Wayne County (the home county of Capitol Reef National Park and of the Lodge at Red River Ranch) put on a county fair. The fair showcases the agricultural feats of the people and celebrates the rich heritage of the area. If you plan to be in Wayne County this August, think about going to some of the events. It is an opportunity that few tourists ever experience.

Here is a brief overview of the Wayne County Fair schedule. Unless specified, all events occur in Loa, the county seat.

Monday, August 13th

Road Creek Inn has its open house at 5pm, free food will be served.

Rodeo Queen Pageant competition at 4pm, takes place at the Bicknell Civic Center.

Miss Wayne County competition at 7pm.

FFA Concert, starring Tennessee artist Tony Staples, 7pm.

Tuesday, August 14th

Wayne County Fair Opening Ceremony at 5pm featuring live music from local bands. Dinner costs two dollars per plate.

Wednesday, August 15th

Free swimming and prizes at the Wayne County pool 10am to 12noon. Takes place at the high school in Bicknell.

Horse Speed Riding Competition begins at 2pm.

Wayne County Idol (a singing competition) begins at 7pm in the Wayne County High School in Bicknell. Entry fee is ten dollars.

Thursday, August 16th

Rodeo Queen Pageant crowning at 4pm

Small Fry Rodeo (a competition involving children riding sheep) begins at 5pm.

Friday, August 17th

The “Run, Bike, Horse” race (a sort of updated triathlon) starts at 7am.

View the fine art entries at the Civic Center in Bicknell, from 10am to 5pm.

Extreme Horse Competition starts at 1pm.

Wayne County Rodeo (the kingpin of the celebrations) starts at 7pm. Admittance is seven dollars per adult and four dollars per child.

Saturday, August 18th

Loa Main Street Parade begins at 10am

A Demotion Derby will finish off the week followed by a fireworks display. Admittance is ten dollars per adult and five dollars per child.

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