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The Lodge’s Top 5

The Lodge’s Top 5

Posted in: Nature, Outdoor adventures, Travel on August 15, 2012.

Southern Utah boasts an impressive collection of scenery. We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch want you to experience the best of this rugged and breathtaking country. So, to help you out, we’ve created a write-up of the coolest places in in our backyard. This list should help you plan an end of summer get-away, or at least get you thinking about visiting Southern Utah.

Capitol Reef National Park – this is our favorite national park in Utah, so naturally it tops our list. The casual visitor to Capitol Reef will get to experience the Southern Utah Park Experience – that mixture of desert geology and shear scale – without competing with the crowds that more famous parks draw. For the adventurer, the backcounty wilderness can be explored without reservation.

Natural Bridges National Monument – this is another lesser known, but still impressive, natural wonder of Utah. The sandstone bridges are among the largest in the world. But it’s not just the monument that we love; it’s the surrounding area too. It makes for a perfect road trip.

Bryce Canyon/Cedar Breaks – Bryce Canyon is the most unique national park in Utah. It has a higher altitude, strange hoodoo formations, and evergreen forests around the rim. The only other location that is similar is Cedar Breaks National Monument (located up the newly reopened Cedar Canyon.)

Zion National Park – Zion is without doubt the kingpin of Utah’s national park quintuplet. It draws the most tourists, and generates the most income of any park in Utah. Don’t think that the commercialism has damaged Zion in anyway – it is still an amazing spectacle. Any trip to Utah, should, of necessity include a trip to Zion National Park.

This list is in no way comprehensive; there are hundreds of beautiful locations to visit in Southern Utah. It is however, the Lodge at Red River Ranch’s top five recommendations to visitors.

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