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Twin Lakes of Southern Utah

Twin Lakes of Southern Utah

Posted in: Outdoor adventures, Travel on August 15, 2012.

While Southern Utah is usually defined by it’s national parks and dry desert scenery, there are some exceptions. Several lakes and reservoirs provide water recreation to balance out the usual dose of hiking and exploring. There are two reservoirs in particular that enjoy great popularity. We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch want to recommend Quail Creek and Sand Hollow State Parks.

These lakes are perfect for any type of water sports. Sailing, waterskiing and cliff jumping are some of the preferred activities. If you’re a fishing enthusiast both Quail Creek and Sand Hollow are stocked with bluegill and bass. Scuba diving is permitted in both reservoirs – Sand Hollow features a sunken aircraft and old VW bus that you can check out. In addition to the usual water activities, Sand Hollow State Park also maintains large trails for off-highway vehicles.

Both reservoirs are located between the cities of Hurricane and Saint George. A day pass to either lake costs ten dollars, which includes watercraft launch fees, and, at Sand Hollow, OHV permits. Overnight camping is available at both locations. The cost of a campground varies depending on location and hookup availability. Nearby attractions include Zion National Park (an easy day trip from either lake,) and the Red Cliffs Recreation Area.

Be aware that you will have to thoroughly clean any watercraft that enters these lakes. Utah law prohibits the transfer of the invasive mussels found in Quail Creek and Sand Hollow.

We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch love to play in the water. Quail Creek and San Hollow are two of the best man-made lakes we’ve seen in Southern Utah. If you want a little variety to your vacation, consider a day on the lake. The water’s fine.

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