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Biking Moab

Biking Moab

Posted in: Nature, Outdoor adventures on August 23, 2012.

Moab is a haven for mountain bikers everywhere. The desert sands and rock flows make for some of the best conditions for adventure biking. Biking in Moab has become so popular that manufacturers have made models specifically for the Moab environment. We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch thought we’d compile a list of three of the top biking trails at Moab. Check them out – they’ll satisfy any mountain biking urge.

The first trail on our list is by far the most famous – Slickrock trail. Slickrock is visited by an annual 100,000 bikers (making it the most popular trail in the world.) The trail is only twelve miles in length, but the experience will last a lot longer. Although you should undoubtedly focus on navigating the sandstone markers, you should also take the time to discover the amazing scenery. Consider venturing off-trail to look at side canyons or to gaze at nearby Arches National Park. If you’ve never biked Moab before – Slickrock has to be your first stop.

If you plan to visit Moab with kids in tow (a great family vacation, by the way) you will need to select biking trail that are less difficult. One of the best, low-key trails, is Hurrah Pass. The mixture of dirt roads and sandstone flows are easily mastered by young and inexperienced riders. The complete route is 20-miles and the views are amazing. Bikers travel through Kane Springs Canyon, splash across small streams and ascend Hurrah pass to look into Canyonlands National Park far below.

If you have already been initiated to Moab biking, then you will need to bike the Poison Spider Mesa Trail. This is, in our opinion, the most challenging, the most rewarding, the most exhilarating trail at Moab. The trail is a fourteen mile loop and comes complete with a death-defying descent known as the Portal Trail section. In fact, Portal Trail has a register at the end and anyone who makes it through signs his or her name. Poison Spider Mesa is an incredible feat for any mountain biker. And you can’t ask for better scenery to bike through.

That’s the Lodge at Red River Ranch’s top three recommendations for Moab trails. There are of course many more trails, all waiting for you to come explore them.

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