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Hunting Season ’12

Hunting Season ’12

Posted in: Nature, Outdoor adventures, Wildlife on September 15, 2012.

Fall means cooler weather, beautiful colors, and, of course, the start of hunting season. Since our backyard offers some of the best hunting opportunities in the state, we at the Lodge at Red River Ranch thought we’d do a brief write-up on the coming hunting season. (Please remember that sometimes information can change quickly, check with your local Wildlife Division for accurate dates.)

This year new hunting regulation has subdivided the state into 30 units. Your license will confine you to that particular unit which you select. Previously, there were only five regions, which gave you move room to roam around. Wayne County contains both units 12 and 25c/26. However, most of the popular spots in the county are located in unit 25c/26. For question regarding these new divisions contact the Cedar City office at 435-865-6100.

Hunting dates depend on what weapon you decide to use, and what you decide to hunt. If you are planning on coming to Utah for this hunting season, check out the Utah Division of Natural Resources site for a complete list of hunting dates.

While we at the Lodge at Red River Ranch understand that you will likely find your own favorite spot to hunt, maybe we can make a few general suggestions that will point you in the right direction.

The east spur of Boulder Mountain (near the town of Boulder, Utah) is well known for both its white tailed deer and elk. This is probably one of the most popular spots in the county. Another good location is Thousand Lake Mountain, which contains a large elk population. And if you’re looking for pronghorns or antelope try the plateaus near Loa, Utah. There are also guides for hire that will take you to the best places in Wayne County.

Whatever you’re hunting, in whatever part of the county, we wish you the best of luck this 2012 Hunting Season.

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