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Rafting the San Juan

Rafting the San Juan

Posted in: Education, Historical places, Nature, Outdoor adventures, Travel on October 1, 2012.

There are few things as fun as a whitewater expedition. And there are few rivers as fun as Utah rivers. Whatever type of rafting you prefer, you will find it in Utah. One of the rivers that we at the Lodge at Red River Ranch recommend is the San Juan River. Here’s a bit of information to wet your appetite for whitewater rafting.

The San Juan runs through the southeastern part of the state, near the border. It is the amount of freedom available that makes the San Juan so desirable. For instance, you can spend a single day on the river, or plan a week long get-a-way. Depending on what section of the river you run, you can encounter Class III rapids, or have clear, deep water. This level of customization means the San Juan is perfect for die-hard adventurers and families alike. Add to this the beautiful scenery, and you’ll see why we at the Lodge love the San Juan.

There are many launching points on the San Juan, most notably at the towns of Bluff and Mexican Hat. Guides and rental facilities can be found at these locations. Most guides will be able to point out the best routes to take, as well as an abundance of interesting facts. The area is part of a rich American Indian heritage, and Anasazi structures and petroglyphs can be found near the river. In addition, many trails connect to, or pass by, the San Juan River, which means you can get out and hike for a while. The San Juan River eventually connects to the Colorado River, south of Lake Powell.

We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch highly recommend rafting down the San Juan. It is the ideal river for families, corporate retreats, or high adventurers.

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