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Wayne County – Beyond Capitol Reef

Wayne County – Beyond Capitol Reef

Posted in: Nature, Outdoor adventures, Travel on October 8, 2012.

Wayne County has many exciting places to explore. Unfortunately, most people limit their vacation to Capitol Reef National Park and the town of Torrey, Utah. And while we at the Lodge at Red River Ranch love both the park and Torrey, there is so much more to see in Wayne County. We hope to introduce you to some of the wonders beyond Capitol Reef.

The East Desert – The majority of Wayne County is located east of Capitol Reef National Park. This sparsely populated desert county is both beautiful and valuable. The East Desert has been used as a backdrop in several films (the most recent being Disney’s John Carter.) Aerospace researchers have also used this area to test equipment intended for unmanned missions to Mars. The East Desert is a wonderland for off-road vehicles, horseback riding and mountain biking. It is also the gateway to the Henry Mountains, Goblin Valley and Lake Powell.

Boulder Mountain – This sprawling mountain covers a vast amount of the southern part of Wayne County. Boulder Mountain is reputed to have some of the best fishing in the State of Utah – both in its streams and in its fully stocked lakes. Visitors can enjoy camping in the many designated camping sites, hiking the abundant amount of trails, and hunting whitetail deer in season. Boulder Mountain also provides unparalleled views into Capitol Reef. The town of Boulder, Utah connects Wayne County to Escalante-Grand Staircase National Monument and Scenic Highway 12 – our favorite highway in Utah.

These are just two of the many, many locations in the county that are worth visiting. So while we at the Lodge at Red River Ranch do want you to come check out Capitol Reef National Park, we also want you to explore the other outstanding parts of Wayne County.

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