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Winter Augmentation

Winter Augmentation

Posted in: Travel on December 9, 2012.

As much as we like the great outdoors, sometimes it’s nice to supplement hiking with other activities, especially in the winter. If you’re looking for other things to do in Southern Utah, consider these suggestions. We at The Lodge at Red River Ranch think you can make the perfect vacation by adding a few of these ideas into your itinerary.

Golfing – Who doesn’t love picking up a few holes now and then? Saint George has an impressive collection of private and public greens. More than a dozen golf courses are open year round. So head down and play a few in the sun.Check them out here.

Skiing –Try Brian Head Ski Resort near Cedar City. Brian Head offers cross-country loops and plenty of good downhill courses. It’s a nice little winter playground. Check Brian Head out here. Eagle Point ski resort is a brand new venue near Beaver, Utah, and we love it. Check them out here.

Shopping – Saint George has several middle-upscale strip malls, with more on the way. Go window-shopping at Red Cliffs Mall. And remember, Las Vegas is only a couple of hours away. There are also a bunch of specialty art and craft stores near Zion National Park. We can’t think of any better place to go window shopping

Art – Southern Utah is a haven for artists. There are galleries all across downtown Saint George and Cedar City. The Saint George Art Museum has a nice collection. If you have a hand for art, take an art tour in the national parks. It’s a great way to get out and enjoy nature, without the need to be physically active.

We at The Lodge at Red River Ranch want you have a great adventure here in Southern Utah, especially in the winter months. These activities can add to any vacation plan.

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