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2012’s Top 5 Adventures

2012’s Top 5 Adventures

Posted in: Outdoor adventures, Travel on December 18, 2012.

As the year winds down, we at the Lodge at Red River Ranch thought it would be appropriate to review our favorite adventures of 2012. This then, is our top five countdown. We hope you had as much fun as we did this year.

5. Public Lands Day – every year across the nation the entry fees to the national parks are waived. This past year we took advantage of this to visit Zion National Park. We traveled up Zion Canyon, hiked the Emerald Pools trail, bought ice cream at the Zion Lodge and drove through the Mount Carmel tunnel. For more information about what to do on Public Lands Day check out this blog.

4. Picking apricots in Capitol Reef – thanks to the early settlers of the Capitol Reef area, hundreds of fruit trees have matured to bear an annual abundance of fruit in the park. This year we picked our own apricots. To find out when and where you can pick your own fruit in Capitol Reef, check out this post.

3. Camping in Boulder Mountain – there are dozens of developed campsites on Boulder Mountain. These sites are perfect for family camping trips, picnics, or as base-camps for hiking in the region. Next time you’re in the neighborhood, stop by the Singletree Campground and check out the waterfall.

2. Hiking in Capitol Reef – every year we like to visit our favorite places in Capitol Reef, and one of our favorites is Cassidy Arch. Cassidy Arch is a great hike located off the scenic route road in the park. We highly recommend it to anybody who has limited time. Trust us, we’ve hiked it many times, and it never disappoints.

1. Calf Creek – This year, our number one best adventure was hiking Upper Calf Creek. This incredible, little-known trail in the Escalante-Grand Staircase National Monument is the perfect adventure. In addition to the incredible views, the chance to jump into the deep pools makes it worth the trip. See this post for more information.

We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch want you to have as much fun next year as we did this year. Check out our blog for more ways to have more adventures in Southern Utah.

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