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The Three Ways of Zion

The Three Ways of Zion

Posted in: Outdoor adventures, Travel on January 12, 2013.

Zion is the most famous national park in Utah. It attracts more than three million visitors every year, from all over the globe. In fact, in many ways, Zion National Park has come to represent the best of Southern Utah. We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch love Zion National Park. These are our suggestions for what to do in Zion, depending on what type of vacation you have in mind:

Zion National Park for the Casual Tourist:

First, check out the visitor center. It provides some great information, and will help you plan your visit. Second, every visitor needs to take the shuttle up Zion Canyon. This canyon has made the park famous. Take the chance to get out of the bus once or twice, grab lunch at the beautiful Zion Lodge, or hike a short trail. (Emerald Pools is a great one.) Finally, take the time to go window-shopping among the gift shops near the entrance of the park. You will find some cool art galleries and craft stores.

Zion National Park for the Hiker:

In addition to the Casual Tourist itinerary, the hiking enthusiast should plan on adding as many trails as his time budget will allow. We at the Lodge suggest the following trails as some of the best in Zion National Park. First, Angel’s Landing, this is one of the most iconic trails in the park, and is not to be missed. Second, Zion Narrows, this trail showcases a whole different side of Zion and is one of our favorites. Lastly, hike Observation Point, this trail is well traveled and very scenic.

Zion National Park for the Extreme Adventurer:

There are few things in life as satisfying as “getting away from it,” and Zion gives you the perfect opportunity to do just that. There are plenty of backcountry trails (we like the East Rim trail and Lady Mountain,) rock climbing courses, and places to explore. Just remember to get a Backcountry Camping Pass from the visitor center before heading out.

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