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Ghost Towns of the Old West

Ghost Towns of the Old West

Posted in: Historical places, Travel on January 25, 2013.

The Lodge at Red River Ranch is situated in a land of legend. Before all of us, this part of Southern Utah has been the home of American Indian tribes, pioneers, prospectors, and outlaws. Throughout the time of the Old West, harsh conditions often forced these residents to abandon their communities. Evidence of this is seen in the ghost towns that remain throughout Southern Utah. We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch really like visiting ghost towns; we think you will too. Check out these locations:

The abandoned towns of Silver City and Mammoth, as well as a few others, lie near the old mining town of Eureka.

Near present day Richfield is the ghost town of Kimberly. A hundred years ago, Kimberly was a prosperous town that turned a healthy profit through its mining industry.

Bullion City was also a mining boomtown. It had a population of over 1,600 people, and maintained several substantial gold mines. Today visitors can still see sections of the mines and a few buildings. The site is located near Marysville.

Gold Hill is one of Utah’s largest and best-preserved ghost towns. It is located north of the historic town of Callao, near the Utah/Nevada border.

The iconic film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid includes a scene that was filmed in the ghost town of Grafton. Grafton was founded in 1859, but adverse weather, and conflicts with the American Indians forced them to move.

Silver Reef was another roaring mining town. The recently-restored Wells Fargo Building, located in Silver Reef, is on the National Historic Register.

Paria is one of the most scenic and beautiful ghost towns in Southern Utah. It was situated in the high desert country amid red cliffs. The town was founded in 1870 and was abandoned in 1929. Paria has been the filming location for many western films, and several sets remain intact.

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