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Winter in the Parks

Winter in the Parks

Posted in: Nature, Outdoor adventures, Travel on January 28, 2013.

Many people mistakenly believe that national parks aren’t as fun to check out during winter. This belief keeps the national parks of Southern Utah relatively unvisited from November to March. However, we at the Lodge at Red River Ranch have long maintained that you can have just as much fun in the winter as in the summer. Here are some reasons that you should get outside and go see a national park:

Crowds (or the lack thereof) – There are fewer people in the off-season than in the summer months. As a result, you can experience true solitude amidst the beauty of nature. In fact, depending on which park you visit, you could go days without seeing anyone else (besides park staff, of course.)

Greater Freedom – Some parks relax the rules during the winter. For example, Zion National Park will let you drive your own car up Zion Canyon, instead of taking the shuttle.

Different Scenery – If you’ve visited Southern Utah before during the summer, you may be surprised by how different it can look in the winter. A dusting of snow increases the contrast of the rocks and the sky. Bryce Canyon National Park looks amazing after a fresh snowstorm.

Warmer Weather – Most of the parks in Southern Utah enjoy pleasant weather even in December and January. Places like Capitol Reef National Park and Zion National Park can be a welcome escape from colder climates.

To sum it all up, a winter vacation among the national parks of Southern Utah is a new adventure, different from a summer trip, but just as inspiring. We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch hope to see you this winter.

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