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After Zion

After Zion

Posted in: Outdoor adventures, Travel on February 28, 2013.

Zion National Park is the reason that many people come to Southern Utah. After spending a couple of days in that remarkable park, some people begin to wonder what’s next. What other amazing adventures can you have in Southern Utah? We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch have a few suggestions that might help augment your Southern Utah vacation.

If you come to Southern Utah anytime during the summer, you can check out the Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City Utah. Cedar City is only forty minutes from Saint George (and if you go to Zion you will most likely stay there.) In Cedar City you can catch a play from one of the hundreds of productions that are put on each year. Obviously, most of the plays are Shakespearean, but you’ll be able to find a number of contemporary plays as well. Cedar City also hosts a number of art shows throughout the year.

Kolob Canyon is a rarely visited part of Zion National Park. If you’ve already paid to enter the park, you can drive through the canyon at no extra cost. We at the Lodge definitely recommend that you take the time to visit the canyon if you are heading to Cedar City. The entrance to Kolob Canyon is on the way.

The amazing thing about Southern Utah is the fantastic scenery. And it doesn’t end with Zion National Park. Utah has one of the highest concentration of national and state parks in the country. If you haven’t had you’re fill of nature, (and who ever has) stop by one of the nearby parks. Capitol Reef and Bryce National Park lie to the north and Arches and Canyonlands National Park are to the east. Natural Bridges National Monument and Goblin Valley State Park are two more examples of Utah’s beauty.

There is a lot more to do in Southern Utah than most people imagine. Start with Zion National Park, and then come explore the rest.

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