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The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

Posted in: Nature, Outdoor adventures, Travel on March 19, 2013.

In every country, there are a handful of places that are considered a “must-see” location. In the United States one of these locations is Grand Canyon National Park. Everyone should make the trip to see the Grand Canyon. We at the Lodge have some suggestion to make your Grand Canyon trip even better.

Most people visit the south side of the Grand Canyon. (Because of the popularity of the area, be sure to book all accommodations and guiding services in advance.) The south side has a lot of scenic overlooks and hiking trails.

South Kaibab Trail – provides the best views of any short hike. It is well maintained but steep in spots. Water is not available along the trail and there is little shade.

Bright Angel Trail – this is a popular trail for day hikers. It offers shade in some spots, and water is usually available at drinking fountains. Also well maintained.

The Rim Trail – a fairly easy hiking with little elevation change. It does not enter the canyon, but provides some amazing views.

The north side of the Canyon is also worth visiting, but is much less popular. We at the Lodge recommend the north side for those who want a more “backcountry” feel to their Grand Canyon experience. Of course there are plenty of hikes to do here as well.

North Kaibab Trail – the overlooks are perfect “mile markers” for day hikes of various lengths. Supai Tunnel is 1.8 miles down and is definitely worth checking out. Roaring Springs is only a few more miles down the trail.

Widforss Point Overlook Trail – this scenic route is about 10 miles round trip. It’s well-maintained and has shade in some areas. It’s an excellent hike, but is best suited for more advanced hikers.

Of course, when you visit the Grand Canyon, on either the north or south side, be sure to stop by one of the many visitor centers. You can find a complete list of the Grand Canyon centers at the NPS site. We hope you enjoy your Grand Canyon vacation.

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