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Butch Cassidy and Hideout Country

Butch Cassidy and Hideout Country

Posted in: Historical places, Outdoor adventures on April 15, 2013.

This part of Southern Utah was infamous during the Old West. Butch Cassidy frequented the high desert country of Wayne County, hiding out in places like Little Crazy Horse Canyon and Robber’s Roost. Even today these places are relatively unvisited and they continue to reinforce a strong (even mythical) connection to the past.

Little Crazy Horse Canyon – this canyon is part of present day Goblin Valley State Park, and makes a great day hike. The trail into the canyon is not strenuous, and is self guiding, so you can bring the kids. Check out the Goblin Valley visitor center for more information on Little Crazy Horse Canyon.

Robbers Roost – this is a large, isolated, and treacherous area of Utah. As such, it was the perfect place for outlaws to hide out. It was mostly used by Butch Cassidy and his Wild Bunch in the late 1800s.

Robbers Roost was considered ideal because of the rough terrain, which made it easy to defended, and difficult for outsiders to navigate. It was the resort of choice when the Wild Bunch needed to rest for a long period of time, or stay hidden following a robbery. They kept arm depots and livestock in the canyons. The law was never able to successfully penetrate the area.

When exploring the Robbers Roost area, be sure to use caution. Notify the proper authorities of your intended route and the day you plan to get back. You don’t want to be stuck out there.

The legends of the Old West are ever-present in parts of Southern Utah. We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch are located in the greatest hideout country of Utah.

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