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Boulder Heritage

Boulder Heritage

Posted in: Education, Entertainment, Historical places on June 27, 2013.

The Boulder Mountain community has been holding a Boulder heritage celebration for several years. This event recognizes the people that have lived in the beautiful area of Boulder, Utah. This July 12th and 13th marks the ninth annual celebration. If you’re down here around that time, consider taking the chance to add some variety to your trip.

The celebration takes place in Boulder, Utah, which is about an hour away from Torrey, Utah and Capitol Reef.

Guest speakers will cover a wide variety of topics concerning the history of the Boulder Mountain region. Topics include the influence of the Paiute Indian Tribes, the mining booms of the 19th and 20th centuries, the geology of Boulder and Escalante area, and the discovery of dinosaur fossils. There will also be professional storytellers present to make things interesting.

Besides the informative (and often entertaining) lectures, the Boulder Mountain Heritage Festival will have live music during almost the entire celebration. Local artists will take the stage, and it’s free to listen. There is also a Dutch oven dinner and cooking demonstration. Pay ten dollars and enjoy the best cooking in the county.

In between the music, food, and talks, check out the art show. Artists from all over the state will set up shop in Boulder to sell their amazing work.

We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch encourage the expression of cultural celebration. So if you’re around, check out the Boulder Heritage Festival. You’ll have a good time. For more information go to the official website: boulderheritage.org.

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