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Stargazing in the Park

Stargazing in the Park

Posted in: Education, Lodge Announcements, Nature on August 26, 2013.

Southern Utah is a great place to experience the best of nature. You can spend the whole day hiking, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, or whatever you want, and then spend the nights looking at the stars. As we’ve often mentioned in this blog, we at Red River Ranch are lucky enough to be located in a low-light pollution area. This means the night-skies are beautifully clear. Next time you’re in Southern Utah, don’t forget to look up.

If you are interested in a more in-depth understanding of the celestial bodies, there are several educational programs in the national parks that you ought to check out. In fact, this September 6th (that’s a Friday) the Heritage Starfest Group will be holding its 4th annual event in Capitol Reef National Park. This stargazing workshop will include a guest presentation by noted astronomer and photographer Dennis Young. Dennis Young has had his work featured in such publications as the Smithsonian Magazine, the LA Times and other international periodicals. It will certainly be worthwhile to attend. Check out the Heritage Starfest Group website for additional information.

While we’re talking about stargazing in Utah we feel we should mention Natural Bridges National Monument. This little park has one of the lowest light pollution levels in the country. It was named the first International Dark Sky Place in 2006. With such a distinction, it is definitely worth checking out – plus the drive to Natural Bridges is incredible.

Wherever you go, Southern Utah is full of places that combine natural, earthly beauty with the scenery of the sky. Check them out whenever possible.

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