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The Economics of the Five

The Economics of the Five

Posted in: Lodge Announcements on September 19, 2013.

If you follow our blog, you know that we are in the middle of writing our five-part mini-series on Utah’s national parks. So we thought it was fitting that this news article talked about how the national parks provide more than just spectacular sights. We thought we’d share the highlights with you.

The article appeared in the publication, Desert News, on the 17th of this month. It outlined the how the tourist rate has increased over the last decade. In fact, 2012 was a record-breaking year. During the year, 23.5 million people visited the five national parks.

The national parks generate a sizable economic advantage for Utah. It was estimated that tourists spent 7.4 billion dollars in 2012. This was a 7.8 percent increase from 2011. The tourist trade also added a 3 percent increase in employment.

The governor of Utah, Gary Herbert said, “The growth of Utah’s tourism industry over the past decade has improved rural economies, stimulated entrepreneurship and small-business development, in turn strengthening our rural communities.”

We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch are happy that Utah’s economy has been boosted by the these rising numbers. So on behave of those who have benefited from the increased tourism, we extend a warm thank you to all who visited the amazing national parks in Southern Utah.

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