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Zion in the Spring

Zion in the Spring

Posted in: Nature, Travel on March 20, 2014.

Today is the first day of spring – hooray! We at the Lodge love this season, perhaps most of all. The renewed sense of life and the welcome return of longer, sunnier days makes us feel great. And the only way (we’ve checked, it is the only way) to truly celebrate spring is to get out and play outside. Nowhere in Utah is so inviting as the national parks – and Zion in particular.

Of course, going to Zion National Park is pretty awesome, but Zion in early spring has several advantages:
1. There are fewer people (and we prefer that.)
2. The spring weather is warm but not hot. This makes hiking much more enjoyable.
3. You get to see the new life unfold before you. The trees are in bud, and the birds have returned.

Zion is an outdoor wonderland, so naturally, you’ll want to do plenty of hiking, biking, or backpacking. There are a few trails that we always suggest – probably because they’re the best trails in the park. So when you visit Zion this spring be sure to hit:
1. Upper Emerald Pools
2. Angels Landing
3. Kolob Canyon (which isn’t so much a trail as a collection of trails.)

But even if you don’t like to hike, you can take the bus tour up Zion Canyon. The scenery is amazing all the way up the canyon. And if you like to collect, or even just peruse, art. Check out all the little art boutiques at the main entrance of the park. There are some pretty good restaurants there too.

So whether you just want a quick breath of fresh air, or are in the mood for an all-out excursion, Zion in the early spring is the place to be.

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