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Travel Tips for July & August

Travel Tips for July & August

Posted in: Entertainment, Travel on July 22, 2014.

We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch try to keep you up to date on what is happening here in Southern Utah, specifically Capitol Reef. That way, if you are planning a trip, you can through in an activity here and there. So, if you’re interested in what’s happening, here are a few things to check out.

Late July
Friday the 25th – Another great dinner and movie night at the Robber’s Roost in Torrey, Utah. Come grab some food an watch Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. Movie ticket price is four dollars, plus food expenses. The show starts at 8:45. Dinner and a movie – always a good way to spend and evening!

Saturday the 26th – The Mark Chaney Trio will be preforming at the Robber’s Roost (which, as you probably guessed by now is a pretty cool place.) They will start their set at 7:30. So if you’re a jazz fan (and you should be) come listen to the concert.

Early August
Monday the 11th through Saturday the 16th – The World Famous (well, sorta…) Wayne County Fair starts on the 11th. Come check out the livestock shows, go dancing, or, our favorite, watch the Demolition Derby. The Derby starts on Saturday the 16th at 7 pm. A ticket costs $10 per person, unless you are younger than eight years old, then you get in free. Get more information here.

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