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Alternate Christmas Adventure

Alternate Christmas Adventure

Posted in: Outdoor adventures on November 25, 2014.

We at the Lodge talk to a lot of people who are interested in doing things differently for Christmas vacation. Some people want to get away from the cities, which are more likely to have increased levels of pollution in the winter. Some people simply want to de-commercialize the holidays. Whatever your reason is, if you are looking for a different sort of Christmas, consider spending some time in Southern Utah.

We have serveral advantages here in the desert country of Utah during winter. The weather is generally warmer, the skies are mostly sunny, and the scenery is always fantastic. The abundance of national and state parks provide lots of opportunities to be outdoors. If you are in the mood to hike, head to Zion National Park near Saint George, Utah. If you like the idea of playing in the snow, go snowmobiling or cross-country skiing in the national forests.

We at the Lodge are located just outside of Capitol Reef National Park, which is no coincidence. We can’t think of a better place so spend anytime of the year, but Christmas time is especially fun. The red rock receives a few, light dustings of snow each season, providing dramatic contrast. The sky stays blue and unclouded. And with easy access to Boulder Mountain, Fishlake National Forest, and, of course, Capitol Reef, there is something for everyone, whether that be ice fishing, hiking, or just breathing the fresh air. So if you are looking for a good place to escape for the holidays, think about spending a few days exploring Capitol Reef and its environs. We think it’ll make a great Christmas adventure.

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