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A New Year is Here

A New Year is Here

Posted in: Historical places, Lodge Announcements, Travel on December 31, 2014.

Today is the last day of 2014, and tomorrow welcomes a new year. Many people make resolutions for the new year, but we at the Lodge at Red River Ranch like to remember the things we did in the months past. We made a goal to explore new places in Southern Utah. So we’d like to share with you our list of to-dones:

Drive the Burr Trail – always a treat, the Burr Trail is an amazing drive through the best of the Waterpocket Fold, Capitol Reef and Boulder Mountain. We did it again this fall, which we believe is the absolute best time to make the trip. The colors, the weather and the scenery were fantastic.

Explore more of Boulder Mountain – too many people simply drive over Boulder Mountain to get to the other side, including us. But this year, we decided to stop and smell the pines. We camped at the Single Tree Campground, skipped stones in Lower Bowns and Coleman Reservoirs, and hiked in the rain to the Behunin Cabin. And we can thoroughly recommend it to you.

Mysteries of Grand Wash – a nice, simple hike in the middle section of Capitol Reef, Grand Wash is visited by many hikers each year. But what most of them don’t realize is that there is a side trail that leads to the ruins of one of Butch Cassidy’s hideouts. The burned out shelter is a piece of history worth checking out.

Of course we did all the usual stuff this year as well: going fishing, re-hiking our favorite trails, and generally having fun in the great outdoors. We hope to find new, exciting places to visit in 2015. And we hope you all have a great New Year!

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