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Adventure in the Grand Staircase

Adventure in the Grand Staircase

Posted in: Outdoor adventures, Travel on April 22, 2015.

We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch love Southern Utah. We love all the little surprises that can be found almost everywhere. And if you’re heading into the Escalante-Grand Staircase National Monument anytime soon, here is a list of surprises we think you’ll love too.

Hole in the Rock Trail – This hike was originally trail-blazed as a route between the towns of Escalante and Bluff, Utah. It used to cover 180 miles through the desert. Today, however, a large portion of the trail is under Lake Powell. A modern paved road now follows the original trail and provides access to the incredible Canyons of the Escalante. If you’re looking for narrow slot canyons in Utah, this is one of the best places to find them.

Calf Creek – Calf Creek has become one of the most popular locations inside the Grand Staircase. Lower Calf Creek is the more developed section of the trail. Upper Calf Creek is not accessible from the lower region, but can be reached from a car park off the main road. During the heat of summer, Calf Creek is a great place to hike, because, if you’re doing it right, you’ll get all wet.

Escalante Petrified Forest – This is actually a state park just outside of the town of Escalante. If you are interested in natural history, be sure to add this as a stop on your summer itinerary. The visitor center houses a collection of marine fossils and dinosaur bones. There is a one-mile trail that loops through the park, where you can see some of the best examples of petrified wood in the country.

The Escalante-Grand Staircase National Monument is an amazing place to visit. Hopefully this brief list will help you plan your trip to this special place.

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