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Capitol Reef Classic 2015

Capitol Reef Classic 2015

Posted in: Entertainment, Nature, Outdoor adventures on May 1, 2015.

This year the Capitol Reef Classic will be held on July 17th and 18th. For bicycling everywhere, this is an amazing annual event. Nothing beats the views that can be experienced touring Wayne County and Capitol Reef on bike. And besides there will be cash prizes for the winners.

For Racers – The 2015 race is a 2-day, 3-stage event. Each stage of the journey must be completed to able to qualify for the next stage. There are twelve different skill and age categories, and three different events. There will be a Circuit Race of 17-miles, and a Time Trial Race of 8 to 12 miles (depending on the skill and age of the participants.) These are both held on Friday. Saturday is the big event. There will be a 20-mile race (juniors only,) a 62-mile race and a 94-mile race. More information on the Capitol Reef Classic, including categories and departure times, can be found here.

Registration for the event began on April 19th, and continues until just the 15th of July.

For the Rest of Us – If you aren’t interested in riding in the race, you can still have a good time watching at checkpoints or at the finish line. And if someone you know is racing you can definitely cheer them on. But if you just happen to be in Southern Utah on vacation, don’t worry, there will be no major road closures. Just be mindful of the cyclists on the road.

If you have any question about the Classic, we direct you to their webpage capitolreefclassic.bike or to their Facebook page.

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