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Go Rafting This Summer

Go Rafting This Summer

Posted in: Outdoor adventures, Travel on June 30, 2015.

This month has been usually hot here in Southern Utah, just like most of the Western United States. So, when contemplating your summer plans, hiking might not sound too appealing. Luckily, we at the Lodge at Red River Ranch have a suggestion to save your summer. How do you feel about whitewater rafting?

Rafting is pretty exciting, and Utah has some great whitewater courses that we guarantee will make your heart pound. Check out our list of the top three places to go rafting in Utah.

Cataract Canyon – This is probably our number one choice for whitewater rafting in Utah. The Green and the Colorado Rivers merge and race south, through Canyonlands National Park (this is such a great park for rafting.) There are four or five major sections of rapids on the course that should satisfy any whitewater enthusiast. Launch at Moab and exit at the Hite Marina.

Stillwater Canyon – This is a cool, low-stress waterway located in Canyonlands National Park. The river here is slow and easy, so this course is perfect for families with children. And we can’t think of a better place to introduce the kids to rafting. Launch at Mineral Bottom and exit at The Confluence.

San Juan River – This is a great river for multi-day rafting trips. The San Juan runs through the southeastern corner of Utah, cutting into the landscape. We recommend taking time to get out and hike as you float downstream. We love this river for its variety. You get rapids, but you also get to enjoy smooth rafting. There are several launch points and exits to choose from, depending on the length of your trip. Talk to your guide.

Because most people aren’t too experienced with whitewater rafting, we recommend hiring a guide. Or at least renting from a qualified outfitter. There are numerous guiding and rental companies at each of the above mentioned locations. Check out this directory here.

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