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Visit the Henry Mountains

Visit the Henry Mountains

Posted in: Nature, Outdoor adventures on October 1, 2015.

The Henry Mountains one of the most secluded mountain ranges in Southern Utah. And anyone who wants to “get away from it all” for awhile should consider doing a little mountaineering. The Henrys were the last range in America to be explored and mapped, and, consequently, the last to be named.

The Henry Mountains fall under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management. The BLM maintains three official camping sites and one picnic area in the area. But, there are many “unofficial” camping locations to be found.

If you’re looking for true, backcountry adventure the Henry Mountains are the place to go. Says travel site Utah.com, “In particular, Bull Creek Pass, Stanton Pass and Pennellen Pass offer outstanding scenic vistas of the lower deserts. The canyons of the Dirty Devil River are best viewed from Burr Point and Angel’s Point. Geological formations include the Pink Cliffs, Waterpocket Fold, The Horn, and Little Egypt.”

There are lots of trails to be explored on the range. Mount Ellen is a probably the most popular hiking location. Day trips are advised, but if you have the right gear, you can spend a much time as you like in the Henry Mountains.

The Henrys are also a very special place for hunters. Not only are mountains filled with deer and elk, but the last free, wild herd of American Bison (or buffalo, as they are commonly called) are located there. Occasionally hunting permits are issued to help thin this herd. There are also antelope in the surrounding deserts.

Whether you just want to get close to nature, or you want an extreme adventure, we recommend stopping by the Henry Mountains. Plan ahead, take the necessary precautions, and have a safe trip.

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