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Otter Creek Reservoir

Otter Creek Reservoir

Posted in: Nature, Travel on December 2, 2015.

Utah has five (count ’em, five) national parks. Which, compared to most states is a lot. And since we have these five awesome national parks, our state parks are somewhat forgotten. But that shouldn’t be the case, and if you follow our blog, you know that we like to highlight a state park that we think you should visit, and this month we’ve chosen Otter Creek State Park.

Located near the tiny town of Antimony, Otter Creek is a beautiful, quiet place, perfect for a weekend away-from-it-all.

The Reservoir was created during one of the first dam projects in the state. A rag-tag group of settlers basically decided to build the thing, even though they had been denied funding and operational support from the state. So, with no prior dam construction experience, they began the project in 1897. A year later, the state financial assistance was finally approved and the proper equipment to complete the project was purchased.

Once the 40-foot-high dam was complete, state engineers described it to be “one of the best and more secure earth reservoir dams in the country.” It has only recently needed any sort of improvements.

The reservoir was made into a state park in 1965, providing the public with a great place to fish, go boating, ride ATVs – you can access three ATV trails directly from the park – and generally have a good time. The park is famous for rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, brown trout and smallmouth bass. Otter Creek Reservoir is also a haven for migrating birds, which is great news if you are into bird watching.

Otter Creek has a modern campsite providing 53 sites suitable for tents and RVs. There is a $20 camp site fee. In addition, you’ll need to pay $7 to enter the park, but that also includes watercraft launch fees.

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