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Canyon Country is the Best

Canyon Country is the Best

Posted in: Outdoor adventures, Travel on April 8, 2016.

Canyon Country is the general term applied to a large swath of land in South Central Utah. While most people generally use Canyon Country as a synonym for San Juan County, the actually boundaries stretch from Canyonlands National Park to Lake Powell. So it’s pretty big. And there is no shortage of things to see and do in Canyon Country. We made a list to help you discover some of them for yourself:

Nine Mile Canyon – Nine Mile Canyon is quite possibly the longest art gallery in the world. It is home to extensive American Indian petroglyphs and rock art. In fact, the canyon is actually classified as an outdoor museum. The canyon stretches over 50 miles into the San Rafeal Swell. (Don’t ask why it’s named Nine Mile Canyon, nobody seems to know.)

Edge of the Cedars State Park – This little park is located in Blanding, Utah. It’s main attraction is history. Edge of the Cedars houses the largest collection of Ancestral Puebloan pottery and relics in southeastern Utah. A restored kiva located behind the museum provides an up-close-and -personal look at how the Puebloan peoples lived. Check it out if you’re an American History buff.

Monument Valley – No list of Canyon Country would be complete without a nod to Monument Valley. It is so closely linked to the idea of the American West, that it has appeared in almost ever movie ever set in the Old West. Our favorite part of Monument Valley is the climb up The Valley of the Gods. It’s a drive not easily forgotten.

The problem with any list is that there is always so much we have to leave out. So, while we highly recommend these places in Canyon Country, we at the Lodge at Red River Ranch encourage you to explore the region for yourself. For some for info check out this site here.

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