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Capitol Reef – for the Discerning Tourist

Capitol Reef – for the Discerning Tourist

Posted in: Outdoor adventures, Travel on November 26, 2016.

Capitol Reef is Utah’s best national park. (Of course that’s just our opinion, but it’s also the right opinion.) Don’t believe us? Here are three reasons why Capitol Reef is the superior national park –

Playing all the hits – Capitol Reef has all the best scenery in one place. If you like slot canyons, you can squirm through Cohab Canyon or get deep into Burro Wash. If you’d rather see sweeping vistas, you can hike to the iconic Castle or get up behind Cassidy Arch. Capitol Reef even has mini-hoodoos, called the Pancakes Rocks. From alpine forests to the high desert dunes, no other park in Utah is as diverse. As we say here, “Go an hour in any direction and you’ll see something completely different.”

The air is fresher up here – according to the National Park Service, Capitol Reef has the cleanest air in the state of Utah. Good for your lungs, but also for your eyes. Clean air helps you to see further. Take in the 360 degrees of gorgeous desert and mountain views. And get out of that city smog.

Freedom and no fees – Capitol Reef doesn’t charge an entrance fee, just standard camping fees, if you stay at a designated campground. There is an amazing amount of freedom in the park. Most of the time, you don’t even have to stick to the trail. You can pick fruit in season and eat it right off the trees. Just be respectful to the natural wonder, don’t feed the animals, and you can have the run of the place. It’s your national park, go have fun.

Of course these are just three reasons that make Capitol Reef better than the other parks. If you go check it out for yourself, you’ll come up with your own reasons.

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