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Fish Lake Snowmobile Complex

Fish Lake Snowmobile Complex

Posted in: Nature, Outdoor adventures on December 9, 2016.

We’ve had our first hints of snow here in Southern Utah. And for many, that spells doom for their outdoor plans. However, we have an answer for all you adventure junkies out there – snowmobiling. It’s like ATVs for snow. And, actually, snowmobiling can open up areas of Utah that you might not otherwise see. And we know the perfect place to try out your new hobby:

Fish Lake Snowmobile Complex – a whole new world can be found on the trails of the Fish Lake Snowmobile Complex. The scenery is sure to astound you. There are several trails to choose from once you get there. Here are a couple:

Gooseberry Trail – this will lead you to the top of Fish Lake Mountain. There you will find grand vistas as well as open play areas. The trail can be both narrow and steep in places, but is well worth the climb. In fact, it is one of the most popular routes in the Fish Lake Complex.

Sandledges/Mount Terrill Trail – this one is perfect for beginners. It is wide, easy and climbs gradually to the summit of Mount Terrill. There are lots of places to stop and play. Once it reaches the top (the Fish Lake Hightop Plateau), this trail connects to the Gooseberry Trail.

Monroe Mountain Trail – for more experienced riders, this route connects Sandledge Trail to the Monrovian Park trailhead. You will have to navigate steep climbs and pass along a narrow canyon. However, the scenery is beyond compare and you will likely get to see herds of big game.

Be sure to check out this map here for context. Also, be away that you are in remote areas, so play safe.

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