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What Else to Do in Southern Utah

What Else to Do in Southern Utah

Posted in: Entertainment on January 23, 2017.

Look, we love the great outdoors, but sometimes it’s nice to do something else along with all that camping and hiking. So, if you’re planning on hanging out in Southern Utah this coming year, here are a couple of suggestions to add into your itinerary of outdoor adventure.

Skiing – If you’re coming to Southern Utah this winter, definitely go skiing. Try Brian Head Ski Resort near Cedar City. It offers some nice cross-country loops and plenty of good downhill courses. It’s good place to play in the snow. Check Brian Head out here.

Golfing – Who doesn’t love picking up a few holes now and then? Saint George has an impressive collection of private and public greens. More than a dozen golf courses are open year round, so you can go skiing one day, and golfing the next Check out your options here.

Theatre – We at the Lodge can’t say enough about the Utah Shakespeare Festival. It’s a great way to get some culture on your trip. If you are a fan of The Bard, you can enjoy many award winning performances each year. A number of contemporary performances are also offered. Check out the Utah Shakespeare Festival here.

Shopping – Saint George has several middle-upscale strip malls, with more on the way. Go window-shopping at Red Cliffs Mall. And if boutique shopping is more your style, head to the Artists’ Village just outside of Zion National Park’s south entrance.

We at The Lodge at Red River Ranch want you have a great adventure here in Southern Utah – both on the trail and off it.

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